Organisers’ Rules and Regulations for Sanctioned Bathtub Races

Organisers’ Responsibilities

A Sanctioned Race application, fee and course outline must be submitted to the Bay of Islands Bathtub Sanctioning Committee.

Registration should open at least 2 hours before the start of the race and close 15 minutes before the drivers meeting. The Tub Pilot MUST sign the entry form and, if a minor (ie. under 15 years of age), a parent or guardian must also sign the waiver. The original entry forms for all participants must be given to the BOIB Sanctioning Committee following the race.

A meeting shall be held with the safety boat operators prior to the race to explain their duties.

Time should be scheduled for two consecutive races with 15 minutes between the races. The first race will be the Stock class; the second race will be Modified and Super Modified classes together.

A Tub and motor may be used in only one race on each race day.

An area of the beach should be roped off for the finish area and spectators kept out.

A person should be at the finish line to record the Tub numbers as they finish.

Organisers must provide adequate space for the pit stop compound area. No Tubbers or crew may enter the pit stop compound, except to remove the propeller, spacers or nuts or at the invitation of the pit stop crew

Organizers should allow one hour after the end of the race for the weighing and technical validating of the Tubs before the prize giving.

Bay Of Islands Bathtubbing (BOIB)

The BOIB will supply the entry forms, flags, lap counting sheets, finish bell, the scale for weighing the Tubs and two hand held VHF radios, and any other equipment designated to be necessary by the Sanctioning Committee.


A map of the race course, length and number of laps must be submitted with the Sanctioned Race application and fee to the BOIB Sanctioning Committee by February 14th for approval.

It is the responsibility of the race organisers to set the course and supply the buoys and safety boats. The BOIB has a limited supply of inflatable buoys if required. If a Tubber destroys a buoy there will be a $50 fine for the first one, then $100 each and disqualification for any additional buoys destroyed in any given race year.

Length of Race

The main race should last approximately 30 to 40 minutes and should be between 10 and 15 laps.

Drivers’ Meeting

The drivers’ meeting is to be held 1 hour prior to the start of the first race. Roll call will be taken and failure to attend will result in immediate disqualification.

Flags & Pace Boat

The Pace boat will start the race and should be in the Tubs milling area 10 minutes prior to the start of the race. The Pace boat will hold up a GREEN flag to indicate that it is the Pace boat.

Five minutes before the start of the race the RED flag is held up – then one minute prior to the start of the race the WHITE flag is held up. The green flag will be held up until the one minute white flag is raised.

The Pace boat needs to practice how long it will take to reach the start line. If it takes 20 seconds, then 20 seconds before the start, the Pace boat will start towards the start line at full speed holding up the white flag. The Tubs must be behind the Pace boat at the start line. After the first corner the Pace boat will peel off and act as a safety boat for the rest of the race.

Tubs must not cross in front of the Pace boat at any time.

Please allow space on the Pace boat for a BOIB representative.

Any Tub that makes a false start must turn off the course and return to cross the official start line. If a Tub interferes with another Tub while restarting it will be automatically disqualified.

If during the race a Tubber misses a corner marker he/she may turn off the course when it is safe to do so and go around the marker correctly.

On a water finish, if the Tubber continues to stay on the course after finishing the race so as to impede other Tubbers, he/she shall be disqualified.

It is the Tubbers responsibility to count his/her own laps in any race.

Safety Boats

All Safety boats will fly a RED flag once the race has started. If a boat is acting as a corner boat and there is no buoy, then that boat doesn’t act as a Safety boat. If a Tubber flips or stops then the Safety boats should immediately go to their aid. A Tubber may be helped to get his/her Tub going again.
The nearest corner and or Safety boat will wave the YELLOW flag to warn other Tubbers of the danger. If a very serious incident arises and for reasons of safety it is deemed that the race should be stopped, then the BLACK flag will be raised and all Tubs shall return to the beach immediately.

All Safety boats must be equipped with radios or VHF and must be on the same frequency, so that contact can be made with other boats and the beach. It is recommended to use Channel number ?.

End of Race

The Tubber must run unassisted up the beach. Where a finish line involves a beach finish, when the pilot comes in, the Tub must not be raced up the beach or ramp, but must come to rest with at least part of the Tub and skeg in contact with the water. Infraction of this rule will mean race disqualification.

Points awarded for World Cup races

All races count for points, however, the Tubbers are allowed to drop points for one race:

1st - 50 points

2nd - 48 points

3rd - 46 points

4th -  44 points

5th -  42 points

6th -  40 points

7th -  38 points

8th -  36 points

9th -  34 points

10th - 32 points

Placing to continue down to last Tub to finish.

DNF 10 points

If a Tub is disqualified no points will be awarded.

Official Flags

RED – When held up on the beach or on the Pace boat, there are five minutes to the start of the race. Once the race has started, the Safety boats will hold up the red flags as markers.

White – When held up on the beach or on the pace boat, there is one minute to the start of the race.

Green – The pace boat will hold up a green flag from when it enters the water until after the start of the race even when it is holding up the red flag. When held up on the beach it indicates the start of the race.

Yellow Caution flag – When waved on a safety boat, it will indicate a Tub has stopped or flipped on the course.

Black Stop racing – Go directly to the beach when this flag is waived.

The decision of the Sanctioning Committee shall be final.