2014 winner John Booker

Here is what our 2014 winner John Booker experienced at the Champs

The winner last year was John Booker from Whitianga, his prize was a flight to Canada sponsored by Air NZ to compete in the Nanaimo Marine Festival and World Championship Bathtub Race. John said this event in Canada was absolutely amazing, it lasts for the whole week and the whole town embraces it. It was very different to the races held in the Bay of Islands – a 60km race, in 3 foot chop, 15 knot winds and on an adventurous course that takes you out of the harbor and 10km offshore. Every bathtub has a support boat, and racing bathtubs have time limits to reach certain points – about 5 boats had capsized before they even left the harbor but with the support crews on hand they worked to get them upright and back into the race. John took 1hr and 45 minutes to do his race – it can take up to 4 hours! Finally when you get back into the harbor – the support boat bids you farewell to do the last 4km solo, driving your bathtub onto the sand and sprinting up the beach to ring the bell – only then is your race over.