Become a Sponsor of the 2014 Bay of Islands Bathtub Race

Racing bathtubs was first introduced as a sport in 1967 in the City of Nanaimo, Canada. Nearly 50 years later, Nanaimo still holds its “Great” International World Championship Bathtub “RACE” each year, attracting competitors from around the world.

There is a ground swell of enthusiasm for the sport here in New Zealand, with an active Bathtubbing Racegroup already established in Whitianga.

Plans are underway for an NZ Bathtub Race Circuit, to conduct at least six races per year in the Bay of Islands, at Whitianga, and possibly Bowentown, Mt. Manganui.

Go North Promotions has secured exclusive rights for Bathtubbing in the Asia-Pacific region and the first Great Bay of Islands Bathtub Race has been scheduled for Sunday 23 May 2014.

Races, heats and finals will be held off Te Ti Beach at Paihia, Bay of Islands. While stringent safety measures are enforced on race day, the whole idea of Bathtubbing is to have serious fun. Race participants can build their own boats, or buy ready made models for the event. It is this quirky difference that has already captured the enthusiasm of all ages from 15+ years.

Great media coverage for our Sponsors

The Bay of Islands Bathtubbing promotional activities will commence early and give intended competitors enough time to build and trial their boats.

At this time our major sponsor will enjoy huge media coverage throughout both the Far North region and the Auckland area. Go North Promotions are using two separate media agencies – one Auckland based and the other based in the Bay of Islands – to promote the event.

An extensive radio campaign is planned to promote the event throughout the region and a dedicated Bay of Islands website is currently under construction. The website will be linked to the Canadian site, to the Bay of Islands Destination Marketing Campaign website, to the Go North Promotions major event website, and the event will also be promoted by the Whitianga Racegroup, most of whom are also expected to compete.

A Bathtubbing club is being established by Go North Promotions for members to share their experiences, tips etc. Both the Club’s database/mailing list and the database of volunteers will be available to the major sponsor for promotional purposes.

For the major Naming Rights sponsor, there will be strategic signage opportunities not only at the waterfront but also on the race boats and at the prize giving location. In addition the Naming Rights sponsor will feature on all merchandise (t-shirts, caps, etc) and in all radio and print promotion.

Promoted as a fun, family event for participants and spectators alike, the opportunity to be part of this unique first time event is second-to-none.

An outstanding Sponsorship Opportunity

Go North Promotions, in conjunction with Far North Holdings Limited,  would like to offer you and your organisation the opportunity to become associated with this unique event by way of sponsorship.

We are aware of the responsibility to our sponsors to ensure they receive a return on the sponsorship invested. We therefore look to make the relationship one in which both parties will continue to prosper to get the very best by way of added value.

As with most sporting events, the input from sponsors plays such an important part and, without this continued support, many events could not be staged.

FNHL and Go North Promotions undertake to deliver all benefits outlined in this proposal as a minimum. Being an inaugural event, there are likely to be additional promotional opportunities which we will pass onto our major sponsor. We are also open to amendments to this proposal.

Major Sponsor Investment

Naming Rights Sponsor – $5,000 + GST

As the Naming Rights sponsor, you have naming rights for the entire event – in short, you effectively “own” the event.  Benefits to you will include, but not be limited to the following:

  • All BOI Bathtub race marketing materials will prominently feature your name and logo. This includes all advertising and events reporting prior, during and after the event.
  • Your signage exclusively will feature on and around the beachfront where the boats launch and then return (ie. start and finish lines).
  • Your name will be referred to constantly throughout the race day and media will be briefed accordingly.
  • Your logo will head our Sponsor website page and will include a link to your company website.
  • You have the right to use the 2014 Bay of Islands Bathtub Racing logo on your merchandise and approved printed material.
  • Your logo will be added to the race day merchandise.
  • Your name will be mentioned on all radio promotion.
  • Access to the Bathtubbers database to promote your company
  • Invitation to participate in the prize giving ceremony.

For you and your company, this is a unique chance to be associated with a new, quirky and totally fun event. You will also be offered first option for sponsorship in the subsequent year/s.

A unique business partnership

Thank you for taking the time to consider our sponsorship package. Bay of Islands Bathtubbing is dedicated to marketing its sponsors to ensure optimal benefits for both parties. We will be delighted to assist in activating your sponsorship in an innovative and creative way.

We look forward to forming a great business partnership with you. Please contact us if you wish to take advantage of this one-only opportunity.

For more sponsorship information

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